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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  February 28, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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way. what we do not know yet is what it will look like. snow, sleet, freezing rain? or a combination? here, it is cold. will get all the rain being pushed eastward. that is coming right out of the pacific ocean. going eastern across the country. it will bring more moisture throughout the gulf of mexico. all eyes are on monday and will happen. in advance of that, all of those areas of dark luke, from kansas to maryland are on a stormwatch, in advance of the storm. the exact track of it is unknown. when will the cold air get hold into the system? that means, what kind of precipitation are we going to see? the weekend will be special. 40's tomorrow with some sunshine. sunday 50's. then monday. then the storm.
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and then probably a variety of precipitation. weekend, doug. airlines are warning travelers about monday's storm. they are encouraging them to fly earlier or later to avoid getting frozen. storm watcht on the weather team to keep you ahead of the storm. a.m. onstarting at 4:00 monday. it they will have the latest conditions on schools and business closings. >> reports from the ukraine. are behind the ceasing of two airports and other hostile actions. president obama issued a stern warning within the hour. we are tracking the breaking developments. >> it has been a tenant stay. fled barefoot is maintaining his putin is- vladimir
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maintaining his silence, as he has. strong rebukea from president obama just a short time ago from the white house. to the white house podium, president obama made clear his displeasure saying that the u.s. is deeply concerned by reports that russian military movements were inside ukraine today. >> it would be deeply destabilizing and represent a profound interference in matters that must be determined by the ukrainian people. they have iges of them taking over buildings. tanks and soldiers were seen crossing the borders today in the crimeria peninsula. betweenensions mount ukrainians, officials arrived in
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the crimean capital calling on putin to call back. president said he remains the country possible rival leader. he is calling on putin to act decisively to restore him to power. >> forces inside the ukraine gear,g unmarked military they say are not russian. but they're carrying the kind of firepower at it is believed that only russia could provide. rebecca cooper, abc 7 news. new at 6:00, paul is fighting back. affairsound an internal report. it highlights a lack of training
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of a rookie firefighter who refuse to help when he collapsed. that information was not included on a public report. they say that is because they have not verified it. what is the benefit to begin by releasing certain segments of it? >> firefighters involved in the case will go before the department's board. an unsolved homicide in woodbridge. they are handing out flyers. they're hoping that someone knows who killed brenda. store shotntering a and killed her and wounded a coworker. a hillary clinton considers run for the white house. we are getting a new look on the behind the scenes work that shaves her public image. at this comes from thousands of
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pages of public documents. scott is here with what we have learned. specific.ges, to be a covers everything from health care to the handling of saddam hussein. is about hillary clinton. she is seen as a front-runner for president. as we get more insight , we look at this. >> hillary expressed a desire to show grace -- showcase her life. says, if hillary is comfortable throwing a big party, we to give a wonderful spread to people magazine, including photos of the honeymoon. it's a just a joint sitdown with barbara walters. it and they talked about having a guest appearance on the old
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comedy home-improvement. yearere are discussions in that are frank about mrs. clinton's actions and whether they're positive or negative toward the white house. >> some of it had to do with health care reform. the staff lamented, there is great concern that cbo will screw us. >> as stage and presumptuous at wrote, ian adviser might suggest that you consider throwing out all of the staff at the end of the meeting to hold a five minute private meeting with him. -- will showue the the value you place on is confidential advice. least two orbe at three people with specific or stories. there should also be several people with decent benefits who are feeling squeezed or worried.
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familiar, this sounds it should. one of the key writers is chris jennings, policy group for the obama team. he was brought on to help with obamacare. a lot of parallels there. >> today's release did not include any thing about the whitewater investigation or monica lewinsky. thousands of documents will be released over the coming months. >> abc 7 news at 6:00, frigid weather could impact the wine industry. their dog and stranded by raging flood
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>> the state of maryland will spend half $1 million to install new safety signs on the bridge. talk about speed and congestion ahead. it will tell them to use headlights at all times on the bridge. million dollars for the improvements by 2020. it will work on installing the new science by next spring. >> the gun prevention act was signed into law 20 years ago today. it it was known as the brady
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law. today, they join victims of gun violence on capitol hill to push for background checks in online purchases and gun show sales. >> we have a stream of people who said they would vote for this. all we need is a vote. this thing will get past them get past today. it was named after james brady who was permanently disabled during the 1981 assassination attempt on president reagan. he may be sticking around washington when he retires. if that is because his wife is running for his seat. she announced her plans today in an e-mail for supporters. he will retire this year, after 59 years in office. abc 7 news at 6:00. >> were that the cold weather
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could be bad for great supplies in virginia. winemakers said that frigid temperatures might be beneficial. i we'll tell you why, next. >> the latest on the winter sto.
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>> drought plagued california needs rain, but not like this. flash floods and winter storm warnings. they evacuated more than 1000 homes north of the city because of the threat of mudslides. >> they're getting the same questions from customers and visitors. are these very cold temperatures bad for the vineyards? >> the winemakers are saying it is too early to tell. we travel to see for ourselves. >> the coldest temperatures in a decade.
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closerds are keeping a item a crop. they say that someone's are more vulnerable to frigid weather. wines are more vulnerable to frigid weather. virginia's valley, changing climate changes the flavor of each vintage. >> in dry years, you will have the dry and bold. alcohol content will be higher. >> local wineries believe that inconsistency keeps customers coming back. and that is the beauty of virginia. you never know what you will get. changes because of weather conditions, wildlife, and other factors. the year, they're hoping
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cold weather could benefit the crops. they wanted to result in a more bountiful harvest. customers are happy to hear there's no need to worry about virginia wine country. [laughter] toast outside, the cold does not seem to bother them either. though warmer you are the liner you are. ok. [laughter] >> that is one way to stay warm on a cold day. ready for another winter storm? >> come on. >> monday, prepare for a winter storm. .t could be rain, sleet, snow we have to wait and see. here's a live ok from arlington county. 20 degrees. temperatures have been in the 20's.
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31 degrees in fredericksburg. 28 at reagan national airport. 29 degrees. that was the high today. 32 below average. the morning low at reagan national, 13. january, below average temperatures. andlast time we had january february the low average was 11 years ago. it has been a while. the temperatures will hang back for a while. the temporary warm up over the weekend. it is temporary. less than 20 degrees. very cold. it will warm up here in this is only a to d deal. winter storm watch is already posted. two day deal.
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winter storm watch is already posted. take a look at how big the storm is. there is the center. it almost looked like a hurricane. over cold water. that is an enormous stretch pushing for civilization east india top. the speed will be dictated by the upper level winds. we will have a winter storm. tomorrow, not so much. a partly sunny day. warmer on sunday. i sunday evening, that is where the low pressure is going to get close enough to bring the rain to the area on sunday evening. by monday morning, and of cold air could come into the system to sleet and turn freezing rain, and eventually, snow. that pattern could drift through out the day. that is a possibility.
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it is not a done deal. here's what we know. hardly sunny. not as cold on saturday. 40's on saturday. 50's on sunday. another storm on monday. >> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. ok, after that, a sign of spring. finally, baseball. spring cannot be too far away. go there, down of florida, bottom of the fifth. one swing of the bat. that is gone. look at that. top of the night. tied, 4-4. goes long, over everybody's head. scores for a triple. ,
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if you did not catch the game in toronto, you missed a classic. a gutsy effort. 10 seconds left. jumps up. leans up the mess and scores. that tied the game at 106-106. martell webster playing. 134-139.hen a winning streak right now. [indiscernible] you can't go there and lose that game. that is a talented guy right there. this game resulted in the
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suspension. he hchecked the ball. if the fans rushed the court. he has been suspended indefinitely. conferenceletic commissioner is looking into the incident. the capitals came back from the olympic break last night and scored a germanic win. it was a 4-2 lead over florida. he shoots and he scores. that was the game. caps on win 4-3. up next, an afternoon game against the team in boston. after this, he can go home. the birdie goes in. back to eveniger
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par. that is where he finishes. 11 shots behind. the orioles open up exhibition competition today. that keeps the fans happy. >> already. thank you. >> opening-day. >> i tho
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>> another tricky forecast. onpartly sunny in the 40's saturday. then comes monday, and the winter storm that is still in the pacific ocean. look how much of the country is in blue under the winter storm warning. >> more on the crisis from the ukraine
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welcome to "world news." tonight -- breaking news. the white house delivers a stern warning to russia and vladimir putin. tensions flare, is the russian military moving into ukraine? monster storm. rising floods. residents pulled from trees and rivers of mud out west, as the rest of the nation braces for another major snowstorm. and on the run. an abc news exclusive. we'll show you the video that broke open an international manhunt for a mother and her two missing children and our david muir tracks her down. and a
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